1 Bar Quantized, Input ignored until Footswitch is pressed.

Hi all,

I have a clip in Ableton that sends CC8 v1 every bar

I have a Footswitch on my pacer that sends CC68 v 127

i would like to set up a translator that behaves like this..

when I press CC68v127 Bome listens for then next CC8 v 1 then output CC 68v 127.

Bome will then ignore CC8v1 ( or at least not output CC68v127 ) until I again trigger CC68v127.

how would I set this up?

as always thank you


Hi Able,

This should work.

I'm using the global variable ga to control things here.

Bit 0 is the Accept/Ignore bit which is toggled by the Pacer CC68 v127 in translator 0.1

When za bit 0 is 1, it is "listening for a message from CC8 (translator 0.0)

In translator 0.0 if we are not listing as indicated by za bit 0 then we don't do anything. However if we are listening we set message pending bit 1.

Transator 0.1 looks for message pending bit 1 (if we are still listening) and once you hit CC68 V127 on your pacer will complete the outgoing message of CC68 V127 and reset the pending message flag (bit 1)


Translator 0.0 is only looking for messages from Ableton Port Alias

Translator 0.1 is only looking for message from Pacer Port Alias.


I hope this helps!


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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I neglected to define an output port in the project file so you will need to do that at the project level before it will work. There are “Log” messages that I use for debugging which are only available in 1.8.5 (beta) or later. In 1.8.4 they will be treated as labels and simply ignored.

Thanks Steve, do you think this method would allow for me to add additional sets of these?




Yes, since we have 32 bits in a global variable (such as za) we could use 2 bits for each combination and have a total of 16 combinations with a single variable.

I chose za because I don't think it was used in your project file but if I'm wrong, we could change it to something else. Did you test it? Also, it was unclear whether you wanted CC8 v1 to go through or not when you weren't listening for it. Right now CC8 V1 never gets passed through but if you want that we could add some logic in translator 0.0.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz