14th MIDI controller not seen by MIDI Translator

Wait.... all of the below is true, but I just found that Midiox is having the same problem as MIDI Translator... so this is almost positively not an MT problem, and I'm therefore editing this post. But it is perplexing, and if there's a solution, I'd be gratified. So....here goes:

I've added one more Akai APC Mini to my setup, but MT doesn't see it. By this, I mean it doesn't show up in the list of MIDI inputs or outputs in MT. I ran into this problem previously, when I added an 8th APC Mini, but overcame it somehow. Now, I'm stumped. I can't seem to get MT to see one additional APC.

I had a total of 13 Midi Controllers working:

8 APC Mini's 2 Novation Zero Sl's 2 Behringer X-touch Mini's A "roll up" piano keyboard Also, I have a mouse and a trackball and an external USB keyboard (in addition to the built in laptop keyboard).

Now, when I try to add another APC Mini, either that last Mini is not seen by MT, or one of the other Controllers is not seen.

I can, however get the last APC to show up if I disconnect the external USB keyboard. I don't strictly need the external keyboard, but it's much more convenient to use it because the laptop is on a stand, and my arms get tired when I type much. I've seen there's a way to disable the laptop keyboard, but I'm reluctant to do it in case I have a problem reinstating it. But beyond that, I'm uncomfortable with the fact that I'm limited by the number of inputs MT seems to accept. Is it possibly MT that is limiting the number of USB inputs? Is there a solution?

Yes... I know I'm nuts to have so many controllers, but for my style of playing, it works best.

Hi, do you have a Korg USB MIDI driver or other third party MIDI driver installed. If so, please uninstall them and go with the Windows standard driver. I’ve especially had problems with the Korg driver. You are right, it is not likely a Bome issue.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist