2 multitimbral synths on one BomeBox to macbook

hi a have just bought the BomeBox and want to use it to make less cable on stage. I use 2 multitimbral keyboards one is on Midi and the other on the USB port of the BomeBox . from there I want to transmit all the midi over the network to my macbook. only I see one midi network on the Mac . is there a way to use 2x16 midi channels like 2 virtual ports on the Mac? for every synth one?


At this point, BomeBox only exposes one network port per attached system. I believe there is a plan to expose multiple network ports in the future, but until then, the best way to do what you want is to convert the message to Sysex and the one end and then convert back to the initial message at the other end (using a Bome MIDI Translator Pro project file).

We would add to the sysex message upon conversion the requested routing for the remote device and then use that information to properly route the signal at the receiving end.

Does this make sense?

I think there is a similar request that I answered a month or two back so I’ll see if I can find that post and provide it for you.

If interested, I could also program this for you for a fee. If interested, send me an email.


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Edit, here is the link to the other post:



OK sounds Complex, is then all midi data transmitted to the “second” virtual port?

is it possible to covert a virtual port on MTP from midi channel 1 to 8 to 9 to 16 and in the BomeBox back to 1 to 8?

I’ve checked my setup and I don’t have songs where I use more as 8 different midi channels on every synth.
I like to keep the programmed midi channels on the synths as they are.

so if it is possible like this synth 1 midi 1 to 8 into BomeBox go on lan to my Mac Bome Network into BMT and from there route to a virtual port 1 to MainStage
then synth 2 midi 1 to 8 go to BomeBox , convert in there to 9 to 16, go on lan to the Mac Bome Network into BMT convert back to 1 to 8 and send to a virtual port 2 into MainStage.

so in case of an emergency I can hook up a usb or midi cable from both synths direct into MainStage and all is the same.

Yes that would work.

On BomeBox you would just have Synth 1 on a through connection to Your Mac Bome Network.
Synth 2 you would set up translators to convert channels 1-8 to 9-16 and send over to your Mac
Then on your Mac you would have translators to take anything on 9-16 and route it to 1-8 on a different virtual port.

Pretty similar to what I have but if you want to use all 16 channels and do this routing you would need to use SysEx conversion.

In either case, hooking up directly to your Mac would be fine as from the perspective of your application, you would still be looking at two virtual ports (one for each synth)

For me to do it for you, either solution would only take maybe and hour or two.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist