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I have a situation where I would like to have two ports active in my DAW:
BMT1 - Sending Notes and Control Changes
BMT2 - Only Sending Control Changes and filtering out all notes

It seems when Cakewalk uses ACT to assign a specific MIDI Controller that it is an exclusive assignment. Having an additional virtual port that can be specifically set up to intercept CC changes means that the other port can still send notes and CC messages without interfering with ACT assignments.

ACT (Active, Controller, Technology) is a way that Cakewalk can assign MIDI CC to effects plugins that do not have a native Learn command. It allows you to control exposed automation parameters by using MIDI CC messages.

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Hi Simeon,
This should do the trick.
We are passing through everything to the MIDI through path  My Control Service -> Unfiltered (BMT 1 in my case).
We have one translator that looks at the status byte of a 3 byte message and if is a note-on message (0x9i or 0x8i) we do not pass it through to Filtered (BMT 1 in my case). Everything other 3 byte message gets through. If you want 1 byte or 2 byte messages to get through as well, you can set up additional translators for those.
One byte would be incoming pp and outgoing pp with no rules
Two byte would be incoming pp qq and outgoing pp qq with no rules
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OK, So still a little confused.
I am not sure my initial routing is set up due to the fact I have several devices I would like to use for BMT 1 (Unfiltered) and BMT2 (Filtered):
iRig Keys 49

I guess I am unsure of how to address the My Control Surface Alias properly.
So should I route all of the Above controllers from the Left side of the routing page and connect them to BMT1 and BMT2?
I also see the Filtered and Unfiltered but not sure where to connect these. Just trying to understand how to approach this properly as sometimes when experimenting it has caused my DAW to crash out.
Thanks again for the help.

For anything unfiltered. Draw lines from left to right in the router. These are your MIDI Thru paths.

For anything you want filtered. Just go to the current preset "Filter" and define the incoming devices there. The outgoing device is already defined at the preset level as "Filtered" which is an alias point to to Bome Virtual Port 2.

The below video should help you with device assignments for things that are not in the router (MIDI THRU) paths.


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So after understanding how everything connects things just fell into place. It was confusing not seeing BMT2 wired to anything but realizing it actually was due to assigning the ports in the preset, it made sense.
Thanks as always for the help.

Glad to have helped!