Allen and Heath QU32 Query with SysEX

Yes, that will work if you are capturing the data that is being sent back to MT Pro and of course interpreting it correctly.

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it’s working nice. :smiley:
That is a nice workaround. Just need to save the scenes and recall them every time I start the qupac.
I just use the bomebox (with ethernet cable) with the MT Pro file (no computer). The light knobs, one by one, jumps to the right values.

F0 00 00 1A 50 11 01 00 7F 10 00 F7

sending that message doesn’t return any values from qu.

Interesting, change the last 00 to 09 and see what happens. I think the last 2 pairs of digits are the version number. Does this return anything? I assume you are sending via the network connection and not the MIDI connection.

F0 7E 7F 06 01 F7

Doesn´t return any values.
Iam sending via pocket Midi. :slightly_smiling_face:
Qupac Connect via usb midi.
When I start the qupac, receive a lot of values. Don’t know if that could help.

If I try a simple Mute/Unmute Qupac responds and return the values.
With those values, nothing happen.

I was told that sending through the MIDI port will do nothing and you have to send through the network port instead.


These are SysEX messages and I’m sure they are sending paramters of some sort but not sure want as the MIDI guide focuses more on NRPNs


as far i understand the problem is to sort out, which sysex massage is the right message, also which channel, send so on…thats my problem. setting all to zero is a startup. of course having right communication would be great and save me 400 global variables, i coulda use for my tasty chip granular syntesizer and the tr8 and maybe the heat. right now this is ok. but looking for a programm translating sysex, that far i didnt think right now. :wink: a solution will be found.

I found this thread that clarified the right SysEX message to send to get a response.

F0 00 00 1A 50 11 01 00 7F 10 00 F7

Apparently if you use 01 F7 instead of 00 F7 then the QU expects and FE periodically to keep the connection alive.

And if you set up the right translators for the return value, you could translate the values right back to your controller so you wouldn’t need to save them in global variables.

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These SysEX in your illustration are actually the channel names for each channel. Everything between the 02 and the F7 are actually ASCII representation of each character with 00 being no character.

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Hi Steve, i am back from vacances and ready to face the mixer problems:) Hope you are fine.
This is what support wrote:
Rafael Aguila (Allen & Heath)

9 Oct 2023, 15:02 BST

Hello Tiberio,
Thanks for reaching out.

The QU MIDI Protocol displays the layout of the message showing in Green the values that are variables, in Blue values that are constants and in Red the value of the parameter that is desired.
For example:
If you wish to send a channel into a Mix at a particular level, you must refer to the ‘Send Level’ section in page 6
In here, BN is you MIDI Channel, CH is your Input channel, VA is your parameter value (dB position of the fader) and VX is the Mix where you want to send the channel to.
In order to obtain the values of these variables you must refer to the tables at the end of the document.
Qu_MIDI_Protocol_V1.9.pdf (

Example: Sending channel 5 to Mix 2 at 0dBs (Assuming that we are using MIDI Channel 1)
01 63 24 01 62 20 01 06 62 01 26 01

I hope this helps you,
If you need any further help, please let me know the exact command and action that you require and I’ll be happy to guide you through it.
Thank you,


Rafael Aguila
Product Support Engineer – ZED/QU/SQ

While on work this week, i will try to work on it on weekend again.

I hate to argue with the expert but I believe he meant the following.

B0 63 24 B0 62 20 B0 06 62 B0 26 01

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Well honestly i understand nothing. :slight_smile: