Allen Heath Qu Pac Midi Clock

Hello all.
Is it possible to convert timing clock message (MIDI F8) to system exclusive message?
I´m trying to set up the 2 tap delay FX, on a Allen Heath Qu pac, to follow the midi clock tempo.
I know that if I set a softkey, is possible to control the delay by tapping the key on the Qu Pac, and the soft key also receive midi messages.

The left tap receive/transmit this messages:
B0 63 02 B0 62 48 B0 06 (70) B0 26 05
Right tap:
B0 63 02 B0 62 48 B0 06 (7C) B0 26 07
( ) is the variable

What I’m searching is a way for sync the clock of the delay with timing tempo from the sequencer (octatrack), and then, configure a few keys, in LaunchControl, to made a few divisions (1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/8…). I use bomebox and BMTP.

Hi, I’m not sure 100% how you want it to work but the below should get you started.

We use a noteon from “My Controller” to start things moving (Translator 1.0)
We set the amount of desired click ticks in the rules of that translator and put it into the global variable gb. We immediately send the left tap with that translator.

Translator 1.1 then starts counting clocks (in gc) and when it reaches its target number of ticks, it sends the right tap message.

We use the global variable gd to determine when busy so that each message only gets set once. The start message only goes when you push the button and sets gd to 0 and the stop message is only sent if gd=1 and sets gd back to 0 so it won’t get sent again (until you push the button again).
I set up a thru route so timing clock always gets through

Timing-Clock-Tap-Tempo-2022-01-22.bmtp (2.1 KB)

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