Alt + mouse click

Hello again. When running MTP with the MIDI Buddy, there are some button clicks I want to change.

This new change has the Alt key held down when clicking. So: 1 capture mouse 2 hold alt 3 move and click mouse 4 return mouse 5 release alt.

I'm not sure if this is possible. The MB rules look like they only allow for one action. This is occupied by the mouse click.



You might need to change the definition of the "Special" Key from Alt to something else in order to achieve what you want. The "Special Key" is used for a number of MIDIBuddy special functions. 


The special key can be changed in the MIDIBuddy System Tray Settings menu.


Steve Caldwell
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Ok. I keep the special key selected to ‘none’. That won’t be an issue.
(If the Alt key wasn’t usable, I would never be able to use FL Studio at all)

The question, is I’m struggling to somehow imitate holding the Alt key down. I imagine this is more difficult with the MB formula in there. So my idea is to have the first translator ‘hold Alt down for 200 ms’ and then have the rest of the translators after that one, as normal. When 200ms is up, it will just let go of the Alt key without having to have any ‘stop’ command, that might interfere with the mouse return formula. ?

I don’t see a ‘hold key down’ option in the keystrokes. ?

First of all, I'm not sure what MIDIBuddy will do if you select nothing. Better to select something other than Alt.

As far as key down. There is an option in keystroke output for down only and up only. Just make sure you eventually send an up with a different translator after you send a down.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist



Ok that works beautifully. I had thought 'down and up' are just shortcut buttons for the down and up arrow keys.

This is good for the mixer busses. Alt+right click solo's not only the bus, but all the tracks routed to it. Very handy.

Attached some pics to show the difference.

Thanks again.
Finishing up construction on my studio, then I'll finally get to making videos.



Super! I’m pleased to see that you are making progress