Another little feature request from new Bomebox user

First let me says that the integration of Bomebox in my midi setup is a succes : I have been able to remove the load of Midi Translator Pro from my computer and move it to Bomebox. So thanks Bome.
As a new user I have some small improvement request :

  • Have a visual signal ,as some diodes flashing at dedicated speed, when one of the midi ports in the actual BMTP project is not connected.
    Because it could happen that an USB connector has moved and no more assumes it role, or that the connected usb device (hub or instrument) is not in normal status.
    Without this we simply see when playing that something is missing and have to reinstall wifi (or ethernet) on PC and Bomebox and start Bome Network, connect, Goto midi Ports, and discover (or not) that one of them is not loaded.
  • This one is easy : provide somewhere a fast map of codes to use in raw midi. I had to Googlesize a lot, finally coming back to Bome Forum ( :slight_smile: ) to understand that for Pitch Bend messages it is someting as En pp pp . n being the channel and pp the incoming value, but I still don’t understand why doubling it allows to obtain the incoming value stored in pp ?
    Another nice to have.
    Anyway, useful tool.

I’ll pass this up the line for consideration

This is documented at as part of the MIDI specification. You can sign up there for free.

As far as doubling up. Pitch bend uses a 14 bit value 0-16383

CCs use a 7 bit value 0-127

So to convert CC to pitch bend you lose some precision. It turns out that putting the CC LSB into both the LSB and MSB of the pitch bend you get a good estimate of the position and the full range of motion.

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Thank you for answer but I know that Pitch bend has a larger scope then CC (14 vs 7 bits), sorry, it’s for your product, just giving a clear and fast documentation could be better than sending people to the

In my case I am not transforming CC into picth bend but simply duplicating each received pitch bend to several other midi channel.
So my usage of En pp pp is not good ?
On input I set the pitch bend value in pp, then on output I want to use a raw expression to duplicate it on several channels.
Let’s say it enters on channel 16 and I want to duplicate it on 9,10,12,13,14.
But if I only use E9 pp EA pp EC pp ED pp the expression is not understood.
It seems that variables are only 7 bits on input ???
But why the pictbend model proposes to put the value in a variable, pp for example ?
How to solve this ?
Thanks for clarification.

@csurieux, why do you bother with hexadecimal MIDI messages, if you can just select by name? To duplicate channel 16 to channel 9, use this:


And for duplicating to more channels, duplicate the translator, keep the same incoming action and adapt the outgoing action.

PS: feature request re: LED alert on unplugged/unassigned MIDI port is recorded. Thanks!

MIDI is a byte-based protocol. When specifying RAW MIDI in MIDI Translator Pro, you will need to enter the message definitions byte by byte:
EF pp qq
Pitch bend is a 3-byte message (as defined by the MIDI 1.0 standard), and therefore you must specify it with 3 bytes in MT Pro, too. To send a pitch bend message using MT Pro in RAW MIDI mode, you will have to use the 3-byte form, again (here on Channel 9):
E8 pp qq
It will use the same values pp and qq as it received on incoming. You can send on multiple channels simultaneously (which is slightly more convenient to set up compared to the solution with named MIDI messages given in my previous post above):
E8 pp qq E9 pp qq EB pp qq EC pp qq ED pp qq
will send the same pitch bend to channels 9, 10, 12, 13, and 14.

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Thank you @FlorianBome for your two answers.
The second one is more adapted to what I need, and as I already used raw midi duplicating CCs, it would be nice to use it also for duplicating pitch bends.
But where do I set value in the qq value ?
On the input I find only a field for one variable, so I have only pp ?
Am I missing something ?

Incoming: Raw MIDI EF pp qq

Thank you. I missed this possibility.