Automatic Routes (connecting all devices to all other devices) in BMTP

Hello !

There is an option in the bomebox that I find really useful, it is:
→ Automatic Routes (connecting all devices to all other devices)

I use the BomeBox as a big merge/thru box and it’s great.

I’d like to be able to mirror this on the computer with Bome Midi Translator Pro.

I could create all the connections I need, but this option is so much useful on the bomebox that I would like to mirror it on the computer.

Is there a simple way to do that ?

Thank you very much !


By default (without a project file), BomeBox is a simple MIDI router. By contracts MT Pro is a translator and can also have static routes. The best way I know routing everything to everything else is to open all ports input and output and then draw lines between them. It will likely look like a spaghetti mess. There is not a way to do it other than this in MT Pro. In some cases, it couild be dangerouse as if you are using loopBE or loopMIDI, you might end up with nasty infinate MIDI loops.

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Ok, that’s how I’m doing it, but it is neither pretty nor simple !

Thank you very much.

Sorry, again, if we could guarantee that MIDI loops would not happen, this could probably be done but we don’t always have control of our a MIDI port behaves on Windows or Mac. On BomeBox it is easer but still a possibility of MIDI loops if you have some devices connected that also loop between ports.


Thanks, @natanael.cognac , for this suggestion! It might be easier for us to integrate this function into Bome Network, but I see how it can be very useful on a computer, too! It’s on our feature request list now.