Basic Translator Info

Hi guys, I'm still pretty new to the world of Bome Pro and have been searching for a little more Incoming/Outgoing translator information. I've definitely found lots of info but I think some of my questions are so basic that the info is kind of "implied" to the MIDI world (I've read a lot of MIDI instruments but that was a bit of a rabbit hole for me). I understand the principle of HEX (0-F) and assume 0= ch 1, 1= ch 2 all the way to F= 16 ?

In my example my message shows up as "B0 0B 3f". If B = ch 12 would I simply add 0 (ch 1) together and get channel 13? I'm assuming not or it would just read "B0 13 3f".

Also when "capturing midi" I understand that multiple entries that come up. Is the space below essentially just to summarize all of the entries? So "B0 0B 3f" could just be covered with B0 0B PP?

Once I get passed that point its up to me to choose what ever MIDI note I'll use for outgoing and then this is what I need on the other end for my lighting software?


The In the first two bytes B is the the status byte (for Control change) 0 is the midi channel. So if you want channel 12 it would be BB

0 = channel 1 or hex 0, 1=channel 2 or hex 1 … F= channel 16 or hex F

Binary – Hex – Decimal

0000 – 0 -0

1010 = A = 10

1011 = B = 11


1111 = F = 15

The below link might help


A few examples

Note On channel 1 note 60 Hex velocity 40 Hex

90 60 40

Same as above but channel 2

91 60 40

Same as above but note off

81 60 40

Control change channel 12 controller 1 value 127 (7F Hex)

BB 01 7F

A Binary to hex to decimal table can be found at the below link:


In your example above B0 would be control change on channel 1 controller 11 with value of 3F for B0 0B 3F
B0 0B PP would be Control change on channel 1 controller 11 with value of the local variable named PP

Definitely getting a handle on some of my new MIDI controllers with a few exceptions. All 9 buttons are getting signal on “MIDI In” within the Event Monitor window but not all of them are getting “MIDI out”. My assumption is that if some of them are working then the Project Properties and MIDI Router are both set correctly.
What does the “Router Out” button tell me…even my functional buttons have it lit up along with “MIDI OUT”. I’m also only seeing a few of the buttons in the “Log Window”. Can buttons even be individually set to work like this or is this a hardware issue?