Bend & release

Hi! In VST-guitars from Musiclab there is an opportunity to make a "bend" effect by pressing the control key, but there is no way to make a "release" effect. Is it possible to set the translator so that by pressing a key the pitch wheel value smoothly changes by minus two semitones?

Hi, if VST-Guitars support pitch bend and you want to use a key on your MIDI controller, then yes this is possible.

Are you wanting to bend a key one way when pressing one button and then release it to normal when releasing that button and then use another button to bend and release it in the opposite direction but using the same fashion such as press to bend and release to get back to normal position?

If so, you could adjust the precision of each bend and the duration of the bend with global variables using a timer.

The first variable would be how much you want each increment (or decrement), the second would be how long do you want to wait until the next increment and decrement.

If this is what you want I can show you and example. If not please clarify further. Also, what incoming MIDI message do you want to use for:

  • Bend positive
  • Release positive
  • Bend negative
  • Release negative

Steve Caldwell
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Yes, I would like to “bend” start when a MIDI message 91 7B 3C arrives and change to +2 within 0.5 seconds, and when a MIDI message 91 7B 00 arrives, it “release” within the same time.
Thank You!

OK, in the attached example notes on MIDI channel 1 will pass through.

Note 123 will pitch bend up and return when released

Note 122 will pitch bend down and return when released

the timing is set of all of this is set in the Init Global Variable translator in the Init preset.

Not fully tested but should get you pretty close

You set the time to bend in milleseconds with pp in the Init global variables preset

You can set the pitch bend range with ge – Most synths by default have +8191 and -8192 for 2 semitone range but you may need to adjust ths.

You set the increment/decrement amount with gb (smoothness)

The number of iterations and time between iterations are calculated from there.

The bend is applied to notes in the MIDI thru path on MIDI channel 1.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


Thank you very much!

You are welcome!