Best way to disable/enable multiple presets

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My FCB1010 controls everything, I have a working setup but would like to fine tune it!! I have about 12 presets each doing different things. What would be the best way to say ; "if I press a “program change” on the FCB, turn off all but “these” presets. Timer perhaps?? Thoughts?

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Dave Abbott

Hi, there are two different approaches here. Sometimes I use one and sometimes the other.

Approach #1

Outgoing action of enable preset with the option to disable all other presets (except always on) . So if you have just a few presets you never want disabled. Set the preset option to always on so that it never gets presets if you enable the others. I use this option the most because it does not require a lot of translators for disabling a bunch of presets.

Approach #2

In each preset have translators with incoming actions to disable other presets. Of course you need in each preset 1 translator for every preset you want to disable.
So if your have preset 1,2, and 3. Preset one has translators with incoming action to disable 2 and 3 when 1 is enabled. Within preset 2 you have translators to disable 1 and 3. And within preset 3, translators to disable 1 and 2. As I say it requires more translators then approach #1 but is also more precise (at at cost of a bit more complexity). Usually when I do it this way. I create 1 translator, the duplicate it and then change the outgoing action of each differently as it makes it a bit quicker to set them up.

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Hi Steve

Once again thanks for the prompt reply:-)

I think I’m being stupid, but I can’t find the “Preset Always On”
option, What am I missing?

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HI, I’m not on my computer right now but if you click on a preset then look over to the right side of the screen near the top where you see options I think it is called “Always on” and is a check box.