Best Way to Duplicate Outgoing Messages on a Different Channel?

I have about 200 midi translations in my current Preset.

They all end with an outgoing message on Channel 0.

What's the fastest way to duplicate all those translations and change the outgoing message to Channel 1?


If the outgoing channel is called out in the outgoing message then probably the easiest way is to use a text editor and do a global search and replace.  However please sure you make a backup copy of he original file in case the global search and replace operation corrupts the edited file. 

Otherwise, it is just to go down one translator at a time and edit them. 

As a general rule, I try to set up my translators to use global variables for incoming and outgoing channels and define the values in the rulease a translator called "Initial Global Variables".  That way if I want to make broad changes in the future, I just have to change the appropriete global variables and I'm done.  I learned this the same way you are apparently learning it (school of hard knocks or experience).

Another thing I found out is due to the way MT Pro formats the rules section, it is very difficult if not impossible to do global search and replace within rules.   Consequently I try to use local variables within translator rules and to make them generic and if using globals, move them from global to local variables at the beginning of rules and then back from local to global at the end of the rules section.  Also be careful updating global variables and try to restrict updates to only one translator if possible to avoid race conditions (multiple translators trying to update the same global variable at the same time).


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Thanks! I appreciate the help. A search and replace did the trick for now- I’ll look into global variables for the next presets I make.