BMT and Bend Release

How to change the speed at which the pitch-bend reaches maximum and minimum?

Well the timer executes with minimum delay per iteration of 1ms so the only way you can change the speed is change the increment/decrement value. At some point you may perceive the steps.

Thanks, it works!

Did you have any doubts? :wink:

Hi Steve!
Can you change the code, so that when I release the button, the pitch-bend returns to zero from the value to which it managed to grow, but not from the maximum value? This is in that case, if I release the button before the pitch-bend reaches its maximum.

In the current implementation, the bend goes down and sends note off when it reaches 0. If you try and play another note while the existing note and bend is still returning, it ignores the new incoming note. Instead you want it to to kill the last note wherever it stands, then start a new note with Bend at 0? Notice also that it is not polyphonic and only handles one note at a time.

The strategy for your request is to have another translator to kill the existing playing note when a new note-on comes in which is stored in global variable gd and put it at the beginning of the translators. Then set the variable of gd to -1 (meaning no note is playing) and set the pitch bend variable ga to 0. Then the rest of the translators should pick things up from there.

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I want to be able to use it like this:

  1. I pressed the button.
  2. The bend began to increase.
  3. When the bend reaches about half of the maximum value, I released the button
  4. After this, the bend began to decrease to zero.
    It is as if the guitarist began to pith-bend the string, but did not reach it completely, but only by half and smoothly release pitch-bend back.

That is how the latest version works, however the note does not stop playing until the bend gets to 0. If you want the note to stop earlier, then there will need to be an incoming trigger to stop it earlier. Is that what you want?

I tried, but when the button was released, the pitch-bend continued to increase until it reached a maximum, and only then began to decrease.

Make sure you pull the latest version.

This only works if the delay is 7 milliseconds or more. If the delay is less, then any way pitch-bend rises to maximum, only then decrease to zero.

OK try this one.

The only thing I changed from the last time, is the first rule in translator 1.4






Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist