Bome Box Setup & Line 6 FBV

So I have connected to the Bome Box ok, but my Line 6 FBV is just blinking over and over and not appearing in the settings in fact I can't choose anything in the Routing. I tried to post earlier not sure that it took, but also tried updating the firmware and waited a good 15 minutes before trying to reconnect. I also can't seem to upload a project. Man I hope I can get it working with this pedal board I have a lot riding on this project.


Sorry for yout trouble!  Is your BomeBox Power light steady or does it occasionally blink? How are you powering your BomeBox.  Please do not use a USB charing port as they play with power levels and are optimized for charging batteries so do not provide consistent power.  Try a power adapter or USB port that is not a charging port.  If the power light blinks after it is booted then it is likely in some sort of power cycling loop.

If you are getting a steady light then power should be OK, otherwise also try disconnecting the Line 6 FBV if it is goes steady. I'm not sure how much power this device draws but if disconnecting stops the blinking, try a powered USB hub instead.


Keep me posted


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist