Bome Network error message window

I just installed Bome Network Pro and so far it works great. But there is one problem. If a client is connected via WiFi and the WiFi connection drops, deactivated or the router gets unplugged, I get a window with title "Bome Network - Errors" that lists a "UDP_MIDI_Directory" error every few seconds. When I try to close it, it immediately pops up again until the network reconnected. This is pretty annoying. I am planning to use Bome Network Pro in a live situation where multiple clients are connected via WiFi. If the connection drops, it's no big deal (I then can't control the client any more but the person at the client Mac can still go on playing MainStage normally). But there absolutely can't be a error message window popping up in the middle if the screen. Getting the error message window is distracting, covers up parts of MainStage and the information is of no use to the person playing at the client. So is there some kind of silent mode for Bome Network Pro? The notification in the menu bar is fine, but the error message window is a big problem.

Thanks & best regards, Jens

Hi Jens,
thanks for reporting, and our apologies for this problem. It is absolutely not acceptable!
Are you using version 1.2.0 (or 1.2.1)?
We had encountered this problem in testing for 1.2.0, but thought we fixed it in 1.2.0. Apparently it can still occur? We’ll look into it and report here.

Hi Florian,

at the time I posted the bug report, I was using 1.2.0. I have now tried 1.2.1 and the error window doesn’t seem to appear any more.

Thanks a lot & best regards