Bome Network Pro and iConnectivity mioXL

Can an iConnectivity mioXL be used with Bome Network Pro without a Bomebox? Will Bome Network Pro see all of the iConnectivity mioXL’s connectors?


You can connect the mioXL device USB port to a host USB port on your Windows or Mac and then use Bome Network Pro from there to talk to other Mac, Windows, or iOS devices. The network protocol used by the mioXL is RTP-MIDI which is different than the Bome Network protocol.

As a USB device, I believe it will expose all available ports used (MIDI DIN and MIDI Host USB). You can then expose these devices over Bome Network Pro as Remote Direct MIDI ports.

If you have RTP-MIDI and Bome Network running on PC or Mac, then you can create a bridge between RTP-MIDI and Bome Network Pro MIDI clients.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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