Bome Network Pro Licenses, how many?

Recently downloaded iOS Bome app, an outstanding addition! I thank you.
However after purchasing the IAP for two devices I am able to connect one iPad to another but not from iPad to computer? When I try I get message on Mac that I don’t have license?

Do I need to purchase license on Mac as well as on iPad? Or increase to 5 license with IAP on iPad?
Thanks for your help

Hi ,
Thank you very much for your purchases!

Unfortunately, we cannot use the same license for iOS / iPadOS (on one side) and for computers (on the other side). This is not how we like it, but Apple does not allow us to enter license keys purchased in our web shop into the app on the iPhone/iPad. Their App Store requirement is that any add-on features must be purchased within the app through Apple’s App Store.

Now we tried to make this a bit less of a burden by providing a cheaper 2-device license in the app, and the Unlimited Named MIDI license is cheaper, too. The iOS license will also work on multiple iPhones/iPads, as long as they all use the same Apple ID. Just make sure that the cumulated device count does not exceed the computer + iOS licenses.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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