Bome Network Pro

After installing and unlocking Bome Network Pro on my iMac and my MacBook I am still not being given the option to connect them when I go to Connect To. They are not recognizing each other even though they are on the same wireless network and physically less that 2 ft apart. Please advise.



Could you open a terminal window and type:

ifconfig -a

then post the resultson both of your computers? I’m particularly interested in the ip address of each device. Probably interface en0.

Also, can you ping from one to the other?

ping (where the value is the ip address the other computer returned?

I just need to ensure they are on the same network.

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Any progress?
Also I just happened to think, you may need to add Bome Network to your security settings in accessibility.

Hi, just another thought: I assume you’re using a WiFi router? Some routers have a setting “guest isolation” or similar. It is a security feature that prevents different devices connected to that router to communicate with each other. Maybe you can find such an option in the WiFi router’s configuration? Which WiFi router model do you use?
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