BomeBox & Cubasis - anyone tried to control start/stop?

I’m getting increasingly frustrated with AuriaPro on my iPad. It’s not very stable.

I see lots of good words about Cubasis 3. I’m considering taking the plunge. Given my level of experience with a DAW (very limited) changing over isn’t a big deal.

I’ve succeeded in controlling start/stop using MMC in Auria.

Has anyone succeeded in controlling transport in Cubasis?



I have no experience with either AuriaPro or Cubasis. Is the unstability with AuriaPro or perhaps getting MIDI working between your devices through BomeBox. If the latter, I might be able to help if there is a demo copy I can download to my iPad.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for your usual lightning-fast response!

It’s Auria which is unstable. The problems I see are reported by many others. It seems that Corey Rim, the author of the app, may have lost interest in updating it.

The reviews I read say that Cubasis isn’t yet in feature-parity with Auria Pro, but is more stable and has a better UI.

Example about features: MMC support. I have been able to control start/stop and other features in AuriaPro. I’m hesitant to switch because I understand that this MMC functionality doesn’t exist in Cubasis.

That said, I’m starting to focus on recording myself and find Auria (an app I chose to buy a few years ago) unreliable and difficult to understand.


There are MIDI start,stop and continue commands that do not use MMC. You might want to try those to see if Cubasis supports those commands. Before buying Cubasis, I think there is an option to download a free trial.

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I found out this morning that Steinberg has added MMC and HUI to version 3.3 of the product.

I loaded it on my iPad and found it immediately more responsive and intuitive. It also immediately worked properly, which I can’t say for AuriaPro of late. I got clear audio with no crackling and was able to perform a mix down on the first try. This was all prompted by AuriaPro producing a horrible crackling on the channel with my Yamaha CP4 stage piano, regardless of gain staging, and by 2 out of every 3 attempts at mixdown producing a file with no audio.

When I have the time to figure out MMC and test with my Softstep controller and BomeBox, I will report back here. Given the easy startup and short time to produce a result, I am pretty confident I’ll have positive news.


Awesome. Thanks for the update!