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I have loaded a bmtp file on to a BomeBox to convert keystrokes to MIDI program changes in order to select presets over multiple systems. The keystrokes are from a programmable USB keypad (X-Keys XK-24) attached to the BomeBox's USB input that outputs various keypad values similar to a generic numeric keypad. Within the bmtp file the incoming Translators are set to various single keystroke 'Physical Key' presses and keystroke Physical key 'Sequences' such as:

Num 0 Num 2 Num 3 Return to translate to MIDI Program Change 23 on the MIDI DIN output.

This all works fine in the software edit file and monitoring the log window and MIDI Monitor application shows the translators working as expected. However the BomeBox only reacts to the single press keystrokes and not the sequences to output the desired PCs.. I have tried the USB Keypad direct in to the BomeBox and via a powered USB hub with the same result.

See the test bmtp file attached. Do you have to program the physical keystroke sequences in a different format for the BomeBox to recognise?

Thanks - Gavin.


Hi, I just tested your file with two separate keyboards. One works and the other does not.

Logitech K350 – Worked fine

HP – Not sure of model caame with computer – Did not work


Make sure also that you have the latest BomeBox firmware:

BomeBox Firmware Downloads

Steve Caldwell
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Hi Steve
I’m running firmware 1.3.
In my programming – the keystrokes need to come from the numerical keypad (Num 1, Num2 etc) and this works fine on the Mac software file for single keystrokes and sequences – but on the BomeBox the sequences do not trigger – just the single keystrokes…
I can program the keypad to output any keystrokes – I will play around with standard numbers also instead of Num characters.

I used the numeric keypad with both keyboards. Does the (X-Keys XK-24) keyboard require a special driver on Windows or Mac? If so, maybe it will not work on your BomeBox and you might need to get a more generic keyboard.

Hi Steve
The XK-24 is programmed in hardware mode with the keystrokes saved to the EPROM – so no drivers needed. The keystrokes worked on both Windows and Apple text pads.
I tried reprogramming the keypad with standard number keys instaead of Num keys but with the Return key at the end of the 4 digit sequence and still didn’t work. I then changed the return key for a period (.) at the end of each sequence and all works fine now. The BomeBox did not like the keystroke sequences ending with a Return key.
All good now – working as intended. Happy days! Thanks for your time as always.

Glad you got it working. Actually there is a difference between Return (non numeric keypad) and Enter (numeric keypad), each manufacturer seems to have their own method.

Indeed. The Period is more standardised. Finally there is a program change keypad solution available again with the BomeBox!