BomeBox + Midi Translator Pro + ProPresenter + Akai MPD18. Cannot figure out routing

I am trying to covert MIDI signals from AKAI MPD18 to perform actions within ProPresenter. My hardware is Akai MPD18 to BomeBox via USB. WiFi BomeBox to WiFi laptop with ProPresenter 7. I am able to test my software using MIDI Translator Pro (licensed) and it works fine. I successfully upload it to BomeBox but do not see the modified BomeBox output within ProPresenter. I followed YouTube video: " Tutorial: Create MIDI Translator Mapping for the BomeBox".
Please see the attached PDF for details on the current setup.
Non working Bome network setup.pdf (401.5 KB)

Hi Brian,

ON BomeBox it looks like everything is correct if in your project file you have defined the alias “Akai MPD18” as the input device and the alias “Brian-Surface” as the output device. I have no way to tell because I don’t see your project file.

On your Computer you should be able to delete all MIDI routes that are not automatically created. Then in ProPresenter define the incoming port as BomeBox - Net. Then everything should work and you shouldn’t need to use your virtual ports unless you want to send your MPD18 or the output of Bome MIDI Translator to other ports as well.

It appears as though all of your routes on your computer are simply looping back any input from the source attached to BomeBox back to the original device.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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