Bomebox question : does it support 'routing presets'

New user of Bome Translator Pro, and using IConnectivity MIOXx series, I am interested by the detailed mapping/duplicating features of Bomebox, feature that I can’t actually find in my IConnectivity devices.

But I especially appreciate one feature in my MIOXx : the possibility to manage several routing configurations in what they call a Preset, and the fact that from one of my midi controller I could easily move from one preset to another using a simple PC addressed to each MIOXx unit.
Does BomeBox offers this or similar feature ? Thanks.


BomeBox without an MT Pro project allows you to change routing via it’s web interface as shown in this video.

If you load a Bome MIDI Translator Project file. You can use MIDI to do dynamic routing similar to what I do in this video except I use presets for routing changes when I switch layers.

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