BomeBox @ WinPC with iOS Devices

Can I use Bluetooth devices (with a Bluetooth USB Dongle into the BomeBox), that are designed for connecting with Apple-Products, if the BomeBox is connected to a windows PC,

Hi, the BomeBox does not support standard USB Bluetooth LE dongles (Bluetooth Low Energy — BLE). However, you can use a BLE-MIDI-USB dongle like the WIDI Bud: once configured, you can plug it into the BomeBox, and from there connect to a Windows PC (or Mac, for that matter) via WiFi or Ethernet. Of course, the WIDI Bud also works directly in your computer. It works fine with all sorts of BLE-MIDI devices.

And, last but not least, Windows 10 directly supports BLE-MIDI, so you can pair the BLE-MIDI device directly with your computer (even if it is marketed as “for Apple”). Note that not all Windows MIDI programs support BLE-MIDI yet…

Hope that helps!

Trying to understand…:
When connecting BomeBox to my PC via Ethernet cable, and the Widi Bud connected to BomeBox would give me possibillity to use something like this or that

Another big question, you wrote I can add additional usb ports via an usb hub…
So how many usb ports are realistic?
Is something like that;jsessionid=e7ED45ECC6A5BDC625DA27C87A3CB49CC imaginable?
Or would it even make sense to daisy chain Hubs????

1) yes, as long as they are “BLE-MIDI” devices, it’ll work with the WIDI Bud.
2) yes, you can connect big hubs and also daisy chain hubs (big hubs use daisy chaining internally).
Let me know if you need to know more…
PS: if you want to use multiple BLE-MIDI devices: one limitation of the WIDI Bud is that you can only pair it with one BLE-MIDI device. You could use multiple WIDI Buds though…
PPS: a current limitation of the BomeBox firmware is that you cannot have multiple MIDI streams from one BomeBox to the same computer. We’ll work on an updated firmware to fix that.