Can Bome receive Clock, Count down (x) Bars then respond?

Hi, i wonder if this is possible

Lets say bome is receiving clock ( from hardware )

Is this possible...

Bome recieved a CC, say CC# 4 value 127

Bome counts down ( X ) amount of bars and beats upon receiving that CC (according to the clock its receiving)

Bome then send CC#4 value 0 right after count down.

Yes, you could count the MIDI clocks and send out every say 4 clocks or 8 or whatever

Incoming: Midi Clock


// increment count


// Don’t do anything until it reaches 4 = Change the below number for however many clocks you want

if ga!=4 then exit rules, skip outgoing action

// must have reached target amount reset counter put out message and start again


Outgoing: Control message CC#0 value 127


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

You might want to count up to 96 since timing clock comes in at 24 per quarter note so 1 measure at 4/4 timing would be 96 clocks.

Hi Steve thanks so much, Ok so it is working as you described.. super exciting but not exactly as im trying to get it to work. Now that i understand how its working I can be a little more clear.

What i would like to acheive is

Bome receives CC#4 value 127

Bome counts 96 clocks

Bome then sends CC#4 value 0

How might I achieve that?

What do you want to do if it happens to get CC#4 value 127 again while it is still counting clocks?
Is there a trigger used to stop counting or you want to do this indefinitely?

Something like this should work (not tested though).

I use CC5 to stop the clock

Another cc4 while counting will restart the counter