CC Absolute fader to arrow up/down


Could you help me how to set my simple midi fader to send keystroke up when turning up and down when turning down message?

Thanks in advance

Look at the project file below. For input I use CC 13.

The thing to note about absolute faders, is when they reach the end, there is nowhere to go. So with this I set note 13 on to suppress the output to allow adjusting of the fader without movement and note 13 off to allow the fader again to control keystrokes. This allows you to re-center the fader if you run out of space.

I use a timer to send keystrokes so that if you move the fader fast, the timer can send the correct amount of keystrokes. There is a delay between keystrokes since some applications don’t work if you send them too fast.

Absolute-to-KeyStroke-2021-12-28.bmtp (2.4 KB)

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Thanks for your fast help, and the attachment.
It work pretty well, although has some delay.
I will check out deeper but i think i can set the behaviour and speed with some adjustments.