CC16 Ribbon to Pitch bend

I need to send ribbon(CC16) to Pitch bend

Ribbon have 0 to 127 and when is released come to 64

Any help ? Thanks

Does the ribbon controller send any other MIDI message when it is released or are we going to need to use a timer to determine that? The timer would monitor changes in the CC and if no changes withing x ms set it back to mid point.

after release ,he send to computer value 64 on MIDI Channel 1,2,3

Hi, please find the attached. There are 3 translators

  1. CC 16 to pitch bend – Converts 7 bit CC value to 14 bit value and sends it out as a pitch bend message. For rules we just take the 7 bit value and OR it to with the same 7 bit value shifted left 7 bits to get a 14 bit equivalent. However the precision is only 7 bit precision.
  2. Watchdog CC16 to pitch bend -Sets a watchdog timer that will set pitch bend to middle after it fires with 500ms (1/2 second) delay
  3. Set to center after watchdog timer – After 500ms of inactivitiy (from translator 2) sends out pitch bend message at mid point.

If you controller actually sets it back to center after ribbon release, you will only need the first translator.

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Brilliant !! You are my hero !!

Glad to help!