Change different translator together

hi guys, is there any way to change for example the incoming midi channel of a bunch of translators with one action. highlighting all of them and changing parameters is not working. its making me mad changing 120 translators one after one. and please create the possibility to colour in the translators and presets. would easy up my life a lot. and a routing matrix as a table matrix i would love. cheers tiberio

aaaaand: random and min max cc values as please, basic features. but nevertheless i love the software.

Unfortunately, no which is why I tend to use more rules and less translators. I can have one translator to translate a whole bunch of values in rules

For example

Incoming - Raw MIDI oo pp qq


// Look for note on

rr=00 | 0xF0

if rr!=0x90 exit rules skip outgoing action

// Look for MIDI channel 3 (0 based 0=MIDI CH 1)

rr=oo | 0x0F

if rr!=2 then exit rules skip outgoing actions

//Change outgoing to MIDI CH 4


// end of rules

Outgoing Raw MIDI oo pp qq

Notice I didn\'t change the velocity which was qq.

If you don\'t like doing it in rules, you can also use variables for incoming and outgoing

Incoming Note On MIDI CH 2 any note set to pp any value set to qq

Outgoing Note ON MIDI CH 3 note pp velocity qq


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