Compatibility question

Hello! I own an Ampete 88S-Studio which is an amp and cabinet switcher and an RJM Rack Gizmo Amp and FX/Function controller. The Ampete has external Ethernet I/O for performing any amp/cab switching and the Rack Gizmo has rear Midi I/O ports and a front 6 pin port to attach a foot controller. I would like to know if your Bome Box will allow for bi-directional talk between my two devices?

Thanks in advance!!

Hi, in looking at the manual, it appears the 88S does not have MIDI connectivity and has network connectivity only. My guess is the network protocol is proprietary and not support by the Bome Network Protocol.

However it appears that the 88R has both MIDI and network connectivity so you would probably need this device and use MIDI to connect between your Rack Gizmo and the 88S. I would assume the 88S and 88R would support the same network protocol and although BomeBox would not utilize it for MIDI, its standard router functionality would work. So I think this configuration may work for you.


Rack Gizmo <-MIDI -> 88R <- Ethernet (with BomeBox) Network -> 88S

Note in this configuration, BomeBox is just passing through whatever network protocols are supported by the 88S and 88R.

There doesn\'t appear to be any information published about the the Ampete network protocol so you might want to check with them as well.

EDIT - Actually the 88R manual doesn\'t even call it out as ethernet just RJ45 so it may not even be network capable.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Thanks Steve!