Connect Midicon2 via BomeBox and router to DMX software on PC


I have problems in connecting a Midicon2 midi controller via BomeBox and router to DMX software on a PC.

Steps I have made:

  • I have installed the free tool Bome Network 1.2.1 on the PC
  • after powering on BomeBox it immediatly recognizes Midicon2 and PC on the network
  • via the tool Bome Network 1.2.1 + the BomeBox configuration the PC is connected to the BomeBox
  • in the routing of the BomeBox, the routes between Midicon2, BomeBox and PC are auto-configured

Problem I encounter:

  • The Midicon2 is not recognized as MIDI device by the DMX software on the PC.

What does work:

  • When I make a direct utp connection from the BomeBox to my laptop (W10)
  • the Midicon2 is connected via USB to the BomeBox
  • -> The DMX software on my laptop recognizes the Midicon2 as MIDI device!

My Questions:

  • Why is the Midicon2 not visible as MIDI port on my PC when connecting the BomeBox via a router?
  • Is the free tool Bome Network 1.2.1 limited for only direct connections and should I buy a pro license?
  • How can I see if a MIDI port is available on my PC?


  • Midicon2 (connected via USB cable to BomeBox)
  • BomeBox (connected via CAT5 utp cable to network router)
  • network router
  • Windows10 PC with DMX software (connected via CAT5 utp cable to network router)
  • DMX dongle (connected via USB cable to PC)

kind regards,

Roelof Jan


On the current BomeBox Firmware and current Bome Network, you will only see one device on your PC for each attached BomeBox. It will be the name of your BomeBox.  On your BomeBox you can create a route to and from the MIDICON PC to the network MIDI device It should see your PC under the name of the PC. Then your software should recognize it under as a MIDI Device under the name you gave your BomeBox.  If the software is expecting a different port name, you will likely need Bome Network Pro with the unlimited virtual ports addon feature. This feature would allow you to create more virtual ports of your own naming on your PC and make routes to and from these additional named virtual ports to any exposed MIDI device on your PC.

I'm not familiar enough with your  DMX software to determine if it requires a given Port Name for your MIDICON2 but if it allows connecting to any MIDI port, just connect it to the name of your BomeBox and make sure that:

1) The BomeBox is paired with the Bome Network tool to your PC

2) That the BomeBox has routes set up between the MIDICON2 and the network port.




Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hi Steve,
Thank you for your quick response. I will try this out and let you know if it solved my problem.
kind regards,
Roelof Jan