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I am using Translator Pro to add a 2nd Akai APC Mini to my Obsidian Onyx set up. I have all of the buttons on the 2nd apc mini set up in Translator Pro and are working just fine. But when I tried to set up the faders on the apc mini to send a variable velocity value to Onyx I can’t get it to work. I’m trying to translate the faders in control change. I can see in the input section that there is a way to set the velocity to a variable value, but I don’t see a way to send a variable velocity value thru the output of the translator. If I just send the signal thru the router without translating it the variable velocity passes thru to Onyx, but without the ability to select variable velocity on the output section of the translator it will only send the value I have selected. I need the translator output to allow me to send a variable velocity. Am I missing something in this process? I just started using Translator Pro so maybe I just need to be pointed in the right direction? Or is it possible Control Change in the output section of the translator is missing the option to pass a variable velocity? Any help would be appreciated.

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Just set the input value to a local variable like qq in a translator. Then on output, also use qq and the output value velocity will match the input value velocity.

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