Convert Absolute Knob to Endless Incremented orDecremented Simulated Encoder


Occasionally I get asked if there is a way to convert an absolute controller to continuous. This presents a bit of a challenge because knobs and sliders have stops. What happens when you get to the the top end and want to increment more or the bottom end and you want to decrement more?

The solution posted here uses the following technique.

We look at the value of the incoming controller and set a center range for where it does nothing. In the attached example I set the range from 60-70. If the incoming goes above 70 then we use a timer to send out values of 01 at regular intervals, If incoming goes below 60 we set a timer that sends out 127 (-1) at regular intervals. If between these two values, both timers are killed.

So essentially you can just use the slider or knob to send out messages as needed when above or below center. Although it is not optimal, it can work in a pinch if your DAW or need requires a continuous encoder and you don't happen to have one handy.

Thought I'd share this. Have fun playing with this and let me know what you think.

Another possible way to do this is to use a combination of a button and slider/knob. When you get to the end, you push the button and move the knob/slider back. As long as the button is pressed, output is suppressed allowing you to get more room to move the knob. (example not shown here)

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