Convert Single note output to Fader output

I have a loupedeck+ that I want to use to control Adobe Audition. The Loupedeck has dials that work out of the box to control track volume. Unfortunately, the software used to setup the loupedeck's buttons will not allow a midi output to be set so I can not track the messages being sent out of the loupedeck at the same time as BMTP is running. I would like to know if it is possible to convert a dial that outputs a single control change so that it acts more like a fader. Each click up or down would raise or lower the volume of the volume fader in Audition. Ultimately I want to be able to completely customize the loupedeck without having to use the built in software, as the developers only support a few programs natively.


I do not think that Loupedeck+ is a MIDI controller. If connecting Loupedeck+, you don’t see a MIDI port on your operating system then I doubt if Bome MT Pro can help. If it sends keystrokes, however there may be a way to convert keystrokes to MIDI message for use with Adobe Audition. I suspect Loupedeck+ has it’s own customer HUD driver that their software handles and converts it to messages used by Adobe Lightroom only.

If you can identify MIDI messages that are being sent by Loupedeck+ (or any MIDI controller for that matter), then Bome might be able to convert to Mackie MCU or keystrokes or mouse movements for some limited support.


Steve Caldwell


I have figured it out. The Loupedeck+ does send midi messages. All the buttons work as I had planned except for a few.

I have one rotary knob that is outputting 2 of the same midi messages at the same time. Is there a way to suppress this down so only one message is sent to BMT? Possibly with a timer.

The other issue is a dial that sends a single control change message every time it is turned up and or down. I would like to convert this to a pitch bend message but not sure if there are rules required.

I did find a project file on the forum that seemed to make this work for another controller (Faderport 8) but the Faderport does have dedicated faders so this seems to be an issue with the single message output of the Loupedeck+'s dials.

Hi, please post a snapshot of what your controller is sending with annotations on which is the rotary knob and what you want for output as well as the dial.


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