Converting a PC message so that it behaves like a Note On/Off message


I am attempting to have Bome translate an incoming PC message into a Note On/Off, so that it acts as a press/release button. The reason for this is that I have a PC mode on my MIDI controller and I want them all to become Note On/Off buttons if that makes sense. This may not be possible, but maybe someone would have an idea about a workaround that could make it work?

Steve, I know you gave some advice on my last thread and reached your free services limit, but I am reposting just in case someone else would have had any experience with the issue!

Hi, you will not be able to get a PC message to handle both press and release. You should

  1. Use either note or CC instead (momentary mode)
  2. Convert it using MT Pro to the PC message you want
  3. Convert it to any other outgoing messages you want for either press, release or both.


Incoming Note-On Note 0 any value MIDI CH 1
Outgoing Program Change 1 on MIDI CH1

Incoming Note-On Note 0 any value MIDI CH 1
Outgoing CC 23 value 127

Incoming Note-Off Note 0 any value MIDI CH 1
Outgoing CC23 value 0

In the above example, pressing the button sends as CC message and CC23 with value 127, releasing the button sends CC23 with value 0

I hope this helps!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Rats! That’s the one thing I really wish it could do, but it makes sense why it doesn’t. Thanks again, Steve.

Yes, buttons that don’t send MIDI are impossible to translate. Nothing in, nothing to translate.