Create a Hold on mf64 untill button is pushed a second time

Hi Friends Im trying to programme a toggle function. I have a midi fighter 64 attached via usb. For case of muting unmuting pads of a mpc i need the controller to send note on and off funtions. The mf64 only sends note on messages as long as the arcade button is pushed. the colour of the rings is determed by the velocity value that is send to the controller. How can i programm that one arcade button push sends an note on (with the right velocity) as long as i push the button a second time. no idea how to programm the translators.

i achieved this with some m4l devices in live 10 but i would love to use it standalone with the bome and it didnt worked to good.

help would be a really appreciated. thank you very much. sincerely tiberio


The following should probably work. The outgoing value will toggle between 127 and 1 and between

note-on and note off.

Translator : Momentary to Toggle
Incoming: Note-On Note 00 (or note of your choosing) MIDI CH 1 (or Channel of your choosing) any velocity

// Toggle a global variable. For each button you need a different global variable (or bit within that variable)


// set outgoing to note off on MIDI CH 1


if ga==1 then pp=0x90

if ga==1 then qq=127

// End of Rules
Outgoing: pp 00 qq
Options: Swallow


If you want the same velocity going out for note-on as coming in, you would need to capture the incoming velocity in a variable instead and set the outgoing velocity to that value instead of 127

Notice that using this method will quickly consume global variables so you might want to search the forum on bitmapping.  With this technique you can track two states of 64 buttons in 2 global variable (32 bits each) instead of 64.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist