Creating Aliases to work on the BB in Midi Translator Pro

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I´ve been using the Bomebox as an advanced MIDI Router for some time now and want to dig a little deeper using the Midi Translator.

I have the Free trial Version as of now, to see if I can get the hang of it. Unfortunately I´m already failing at setting up the correct aliases I would need.

I have been watching this tutorial:
Tutorial: Create MIDI Translator Mapping for the BomeBox - YouTube

But when I try to create a new alias, in the INPUT or OUTPUT dropdown menu I cannot find any of the BomeBox connections.

Do I also need the Pro Version of MIDI Translator for this?

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Hi and welcome back!

First of all to run a MT Pro project file on BomeBox, you will need the licensed version of MT Pro. The trial version will not run on BomeBox.

Second, you create the aliases in MT Pro and point them to the devices attached on the computer. Then you upload the project file (if you are running full version) to BomeBox and then start it there. You will then be prompted to set your aliases on BomeBox. The BomeBox will only see locally attached devices and one device from your computer (if Bome Network is attached). If you want to assign aliases on your BomeBox for the same devices you had on MT Pro, then you will need to move these devices to your BomeBox so that BomeBox can see them. Then you can attach them.

Does this make sense?

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hey Steve,

thank you so much for helping me again! Yes It makes sense, I´ll get the full version and then try again…

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