Crtl(Alt(E)) in outgoing action don't work receiving E

Hello, my name is Vincent, I am a French musician. So I immediately want to apologize for my English. I hope you can help me. I am currently trying to program bome midi translator. I’m trying to output a combo action like Crlt Alt e. only the combo box does not work when I perform this action my software receives e instead of Crtl Alt e. Is it because I am using a trial version to make my settings?
Thanks for your help. I will be purchasing this excellent software very soon.

Sometimes an application cannot process keystrokes fast enough. This is particularly true if there are more 2 keystrokes within the sequence.

The attached is an example of introducing a delay of 100ms between keystrokes.

The first translator is the main trigger and will start the timer “Key_Sequence_1” when Note 15 on MIDI CH1 is pressed.
The translators under it trigger and then send out the next sequence at 100ms intervals.

  • Control Key Down
  • Alt Key Down
  • E Key Down
  • E Key Up
  • Alt Key Up
  • Control Key UP

We are working on a new version of MT Pro that automates this in a single translator but until it is released, this should get things running, assuming that the delay is the issue.

If you want to shorten the delay, please change the value of ga in translator 0.1
for instance it say
Change it to
to make it 50ms between keystrokes instead of 100ms
Key-Sequence-w-delay-2021-04-10.bmtp (1.9 KB)

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