Deek-Robot Relay Shield

I have a (Deek – robot relay shield v 1.3. And I will be connecting it to an Arduino. What I am trying to do, is take a Midi message, from a midi controller, translate it through ( Midi Translator Pro), and activate (Deek – robot relay shield) on the other side.

Can anyone help me with this? I know there’s a way to do this with in (ir) signal from an ( ir) remote. From one of the( Bome Midi Translator tutorials) here online. But I would like to do the same thing, except I would like to Activate the (Relay). Is there a code that I can use in order to do that? and if there isn’t, Is there a procedure that I can use to do that?.


Hi, since the Arduino supports serial input, you should be able to create any serial message you want to program in the Arduino to receive to activate and de-activate the relay. In MT Pro you could use incoming MIDI message and translate that to the output serial stream of your choice. You would need to set up the sketch in the Arduino.

If interest in me making an Arduino sketch for this purpose, then reach out to me via email and I will provide a quotation for the work and will pass the cost of purchasing the shield on to you for test/validation purposes.

If all you need is help in creation of a translator from MIDI input to serial output, let me know and I can provide an example, here.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


Although I do not have a relay yet, this demo show me doing what you want but with just LED’s.

See email from me for more detail on obtaining this complete solution.


Arduino Relay Control Demo