Different outgoing MIDI CC grom same rotated knob

hi… happy new year btw…
i have 3 rotated knobs (x, y, z) and 2 switch knobs (a, b) on my controller… Is theres a way to produce a different outgoing midi CC for knob x while i hold pressed knob a as well as in knob b? thanks b4


When you press and release the knobs, do they also send different MIDI messages? If so you can set a global variable for each when you press the knob and then clear it when you release the knob. You can then add rules to look at the state of the knobs to determine which outgoing CC you want to send.

If pressing and releases the knobs, don’t result in any MIDI being sent, then MT Pro probably wouldn’t help as there would be no way to signal the press and release events.

Does this make sense?

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