Double Tap Midi input

I would like to press a note twice in quick succession or 2 Times Quickly as the trigger and then send Whatever note on another midi port to reset something

Timers on input? Well no joy with that


Hi Joey,


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This may be a bit over designed for your use but it is set up so that you can add as many notes or CC’s as you want for the specified gestures. I’ve disabled translators for those outside of the scope you requested. I set it up for 3 notes, with only the first note being enabled (note 93). I set the variable g0 to 93 in the “Set Globals” translator (0.2) since this is the note you want a gesture for. The translator “Set Gesture” (1.2) handles dispatching the gesture to the desired routine using the timer “Gesture Dispatcher”. Then each translator from there looks at the note or CC value and the gesture you used to send the output you want. To add notes, you create new global variables for the notes you want to create in the “Set Globals” , copy and paste the gestures into new translators and change one rule to the new variable you are looking for. In the one that I left enabled I look at gc (incoming note or cc) and compare with ga (value I want). I then set the output to Program Change 3 on MIDI CH 1. To modify this file for your own use, you will simply need to change the output MIDI message (and perhaps a different port) for translator 1.7. If you don’t want single press and release to do anything, simply disable translator 1.4

If you want other gestures for the same incoming note, just enable the adjacent translators and modify the output message.

In summary.

  1. Translator 0.2 sets up the incoming notes you want to use using rules ie (g0=96) .
  2. Translator 1.0 handles the incoming message and triggers the timer “Evaluate” translator 1.2
  3. Translator 1.2 determines the gesture type and triggers the timer “Gesture Dispatcher”
  4. The remaining enabled translators trigger on “Gesture Dispatcher. The rules check if it is their target note (or CC) and gesture and then carries out the desired final outgoing action if it is. If not, the translator bypasses the outgoing action so essentially only one of the translators will actually generate output if it is theirs.


I hope this helps. Again, this might be a bit of overkill but should provide a good learning experience and be more beneficial if you want to add more notes/CCs and gestures in the future.


If you want a custom solution or want me to integrate with your existing project file, then I’m available to assist on a fee basis.

Steve Caldwell
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Hi Joey, I got your email.

If you want both-note on and note-off after making rule 1.7 change to note-on. Just duplicate it and then make the one after it (the new 1.8) note-off with the same note number, velocity 0 and with a delay of say 100 ms.