Duplicate Timers

I had invested some time figuring out how to deal with duplicate infinite timers being triggered and how to indentify and kill them.

So after already writing the logic I made a simple test preset that fires an infinite periodic timer with the press of a button.... only to realise more button presses do not fire additional timers with the same name.

So that made the thing a lot simpler - I'd feel more secure if somebody could verify that this is indeed how it works? Only one instance of a named timer can exist at the same time? Additional triggers to fire the already pending timer are ignored?

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Indeed there will never be more than on instance of a timer. If there was, the kill timer action would not know which instance to kill.

Additional timer incoming actions are not ignored, rather they are re-triggered.

For instance if you trigger a one-shot timer for 1000ms  with a button, and you press the button again after 500ms, the timer is restarted at the second push of the button so it will not trigger until 1500 ms after the first push or 1000ms after the second push.

This all assume there is no outgoing action delay from the translator triggering  the timer which is different than the initial timer delay.

If there is an outgoing action delay, then the timer DOES NOT EXIST until the end of the delay so you could indeed fire the same timer from a different translator.

Also since the timer does not exist, you cannot kill it until the outgoing action delay has passed.

Consquently in most cases, you should avoid the outgoing delay of a timer trigger and use the initial delay instead.

This is all detailed in the User manual on page 44. Press F1 or help to open up the PDF manual.


And yes, these nuances occasionaly trip me up as well.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Thanks for the elaborate response - that clears up all my questions!