Enter/Edit the same Midi Input for a range of translators

I have a pretty big project file in MIDI Translator. In some cases I have 20 or 30 translators in a preset, and would like to change the input on all of them. Doing this manually takes a bit of time. Is there some way to change them all at once rather than to have to do it for each individual translator.

Similarly, I've haven't been careful about the swallow function. Since I don't use the MIDI thru function, I'd like to know if it's really worth it to go back and change all options to swallow, and if so, is there a way to do it globally?



I do already use copy and paste to do these functions, but it’s still a lot of work.

Hi, the only success I have had with this is to open the project file in a text processor and do a global search and replace. Please make sure you make a backup of your original file first in case there are some replacements made that were unintended. Be very careful with your search criteria.

As far as swallow. I typically don’t worry about it if I have no default routes set, however if you later add a default route, keep in mind that at that point you will need to go back and set swallow.

Steve Caldwell


The other thing I do is instead of defining inputs on a per-translator basis. I group my inputs by preset. That way changing an input for a single preset set the default inputs for all translators withing that preset. I only define the inputs and outputs at a translator level on an exception basis only which overrides the preset input.

Preset inputs and outputs override project level inputs and outputs. Translator inputs and outputs override both project and preset inputs and outputs.

That’s a good strategy. I’ve tried to do the same, but lack the discipline to rearrange things as i change my code. The shuffling that occurs messes up the strategy. On occasion, I’ve gone back through my project and made things orderly again, but I never seem to reach the end of my fiddling.
Hopefully, I can put a cap on development now, and start playing.

Yes, I’ve painted myself into a corner once or twice myself. Generally have to recover by using a text editor.