Error cant find goto destination

hi… how come? i only copy n pasted it, bit ehen executed said cant find? but the translator are actived?

its jump(goto) rules, sory for typo… im on android

It would mean that in the rules of a given translator you have a goto statement but no referenced label statement

goto “mylabel”

// this will not execute

label “mylabel” < this is missing in your case

Ok…i should add in rule like this:
label"bla bla"
if ga==0 then goto"bla bla"
it only shows a bunch of multiple satisfied condition i my log windows but didnt execute a thing?

You should put the label after the goto otherwise the program will loop back upon itself
if ga==0 then goto “bla bla”
// skip over if ga!=0
goto “Done”

Label “bla bla”

Label “Done”

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ok… ill try it. btw whars pp=20 srand for?

what pp =20 stand for?

Just an assignment but means nothing but only there for an example. You can create any rules you would like.

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