Execute translator on MIDI port open (MT Pro)


i can see that under incoming midi there is action which can be executed when project starts, or panic button is pressed.

What i would like to is to execute translator when desired midi port is open (eg. device is turned on and recognized by windows)

Bome Midi translator in itself doesn’t recognize windows events such as this, however if there is other software that could recognize the event and then send a midi message or keystroke to BMT upon that event, then theoretically it could be possible.

Hi, i can clearly see in log window when my device’s port is opened (when i switch it on). Also, in errors window, error is thrown when i turn it off. So MT obviously can see this device, but this feature isn’t implemented, or i can’t see one.

Hi again Davor,

This certainly sounds like a great idea for a feature request. The Bome developers also monitor this board so maybe they can tee it up and/or respond.