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Quick Explanation: So, I’m pretty new to Bome’s and im using it to assign buttons on my Korg Kronos (a synth). Buttons that would generally be used for other things like navigating menus, starting/stopping the on-board sequencer, etc. I also realized that my Kronos can sync to my DAW (cakewalk) with an external clock, which I have achieved SOMEWHAT without Bome’s. When I click play on the DAW, my Kronos immediately is in sync with the programs clock. But whenever I use the Kronos’ sequencer buttons which I’m so used to, it obviously does nothing since there is no real assignable CC’s without Bomes. I realized that if I could get the start/stop button to actually start and stop my daw, that would sync up my DAW and synth indefinitely.

Question: But there’s one problem, I have no idea how to send the clock through Bomes back into my Kronos. Bomes in my DAW is selected to receive the clock, so that’s fine and dandy, but how to I get that clock to run back through my Kronos using Bomes?

Hi Jacob, and welcome!

So if I understand correctly, you want 1) to use the Korg Kronos to send a MIDI message to Cakewalk that will tell Cakewalk to in turn send a start sequence along with MIDI Clock. 2) Then you want Kronos to receive that start sequence and MIDI Clock back through MIDI Translator Pro.

For the first part, I think you would need to check the Kronos manual to determine which button you want to push to start the sequence (even if it not one of the sequencer buttons). I’m sure they have some buttons set up so that it can send a MIDI CC but would need to refer to the manual to determine which button. Cakewalk when then use that Message (through MIDI learn or if there is already a set CC it is looking for) to start sending the start sequence and MIDI clock (like you do today from within Cakewalk.

For the second part, MT Pro would just need to be set up to receive message from Cakewalk from a virtual port and set up the MIDI router to forward all messages from Cakewalk back to your Kronos. If you want only clock signals back from Cakewalk and nothing else, then a simple translator just looking for MIDI Sync from Cakewalk would suffice and passing that message back to your Kronos.

The attached file should help get you started. Upon opening first, you will need to assign the aliases to the actual devices (Kronos device and Cakewalk Virtual MIDI Port).

There are 2 presets

Preset 0 handles all translators that communicate from Kronos to Cakewalk.
Preset 1 handles translators that communicate from Cakewalk to Kronos.

In preset 0, I have 2 translators, you will need to figure out the incoming message that you want to send to Cakewalk and you may also need to figure out the message Cakewalk needs to start the sequenc.

In preset 1, there is one translator that just passes through MIDI clock message only.

I’ve also set up a MIDI thru path in the MIDI router from Kronos to Cakewalk. This ensures anything without a translator still passes through (like keyboard notes for performance)

If you want any other messages from Cakewalk to Kronos to get through, you will either need to add translators to preset 2 or if you want everything to get through, then add a MIDI thru path from Cakewalk to Kronos by dragging a line between them. See screenshot below:


Here is the project file:

Extrernal-Clock-Example-Kronos-2020-12-12.bmtp (1.7 KB)

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I was a Sonar Platinum user for years and still love, and very much, miss it. I was forced to switch to Ableton Live 10 as I do everything live and Ableton Live seems to be the only DAW on the planet that truly does an external MIDI Clock Sync. The Cakewalk Sonar documentation implies this can be done, as do many others, but the truth is they all only sync to MTC, MIDI Time Code.

It’s in the early stages but I’m working on a MTC to Midi Clock Sync conversion tool just so I can get back to Sonar Platinum because I’m still not warming up to Ableton Live. I’m awaiting arrival of the new Korg Nautilus so if everything works in the end it should easily port to the Kronos and I’ll gladly share it.

As Midi Clock Sync is the easiest of all time codes to manage, it bewilders me as to why it is not supported by every DAW manufacturer. Makes no sense to me. MTC and SMPTE are far more complex and sync to an entire song/project. You’ think one measure wouldn’t be difficult.