Fader CCs to Note translation, with rules

Hi, i did an easy translation for a fader where i translate from the available 0 - 127 CCs only 7CCs into notes. For example CC#1, 18, 32, 56, 72, 108, 127, translate to note 48, 49, 50, 51 and so on... The rest, or cc in between i dont use. Now i dont know how to hide or how to avoid the, not used, CC signals to pass the output. I think a rule will help, but i dont know how to setup this rule. Can someone help me with this... Thanks


There are two possible approaches.

1) If you are using MIDI thru routes, set up a translator that looks for any incoming CC at the bottom of the list of translators with an output of none with the swallow option set. The other translators will still fire but an outgoing action of none will suppress pass through message (in the MIDI router), for this translators. The other translators should already suppress the pass through message if they have swallow set and instead send the message directly using the translator.

2) Remove any pass through routes in the MIDI router and only use translators to route messages per the rules of the translator. This is my preferred method to reduce MIDI thru "suprises" but it means you have to account for every kind of message.  This method is not recommended if you want to pass through SysEX of unknown pattern.


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Thanks, I tried now option 1, works fine.