FEATURE SUGGESTION: Please add int>str or allow goto to use int

Just a little one to help optimise code
I know its not an IDE here but if goto could call globals would be great
ie a global is defined elsewhere in a translator and then used as a ‘select/case’ type of fork would be very useful or a workaround to be able to convert it to a string that could be used by a goto; even better

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I agree it is a good one. At this point
all variables are unsigned int of 32 bits. I know there are currently plans to expand the MT Pro language as there have been many similar requests (including from me). Unfortunately we cannot publish any time lines for this but we have captured the request. Thanks again!

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so you would like to have something like this?

goto "Dest%ga%"
Label "Dest1"
Label "Dest13"
// code here will be executed by goto above
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I didnt notice the sprint/formatting in the docs?
but…yes…super and simple
(gets rid of a lot of tests)

it’s not possible with the current version (1.9). But would that be a way to implement your suggestion?

(there are other parts of MT Pro where you can embed variables using %-encoding into strings)

Yes, that would be fine…sure its a little programese…but standard users arent likely to be doing parametrics straight up.