Filter all except CC on all channels

Hello all,

As the title says I'd like to filter all information except for CC's on all channels...

Reason being inhave one controller connected to 2 systems.

I haven't tried anything yet just thought id ask in advance...

Thanks for any info..



In order to do this you will need to determine every type of MIDI message that may come in. Usually you can define this as any 1 byte two byte and 3 byte MIDI message, however this will not filter any SysEx Messages. However if you do not define any default routes, anything that you donโ€™t define in a translator should be filtered out.


So you should just define a translator that handles CC messages and then nothing else should get through

Incoming: Raw MIDI pp qq rr (define incoming ports you want to use here)

// Look for CC messages pp will start with a B but could be on any channel B0, B1, โ€ฆ BF


if ss!=0xb0 then exit rules, skip outgoing action

// End of Rules
Outgoing:Raw MIDI pp qq rr on (define output port you want them to go to here)
Options: Swallow

Since your project had not defined any default incoming, or outgoing ports or routes, you should get the behavior you want as long as you define the incoming and outgoing ports within this translator. Note that outgoing MIDI will go to both ports so if you want to separate which channels go to which ports, you will need two translators and additional rules for each translator to tell which MIDI channels for each translator.

Steve Caldwell
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Hey Steve,

Thanksโ€ฆWorked on the first tryโ€ฆ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

I had no doubts. Glad I cold help!