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I have the option to have a continuous encoder send program change data. Right now I have it set to a MIN of 0 and a max of 60. That's suitable for my needs. The encoder has built in clicks. Each click increments/decrements the program change number by one.

When I go into Bome and turn the encoder, I'm getting the program change but also a bunch of other data, including CC 32. All this info is just for illustration purposes. I have no idea why the encoder sends the additonal data, and it's not your problem. If you have a theory, fine. But I don't want to abuse your good nature.

CC 32 is not associated with a control in the controller, but may be in a piece of software on the computer. If I want to suppress this, can I set up a rule that converts CC 32 to CC -1 or something?

if pp == 32 then pp = -1 ...go on to output




Hi Graham,


Many controllers insist on sending Bank Change just prior to Program Change. Bank Change is CC 0 and CC 32.

You can suppress this by using input of Bank Change (which will include the Program Change) and output of Program Change (which will not include the Bank Change) in Bome MIDI Translator Pro. That is not the only way to filter out the bank change from Program Change but probably the easiest.


Of course if you need to change banks as well (if your destination drive needs them) then perhaps this isn\'t a good idea (unless you always want to stay on the current bank)

CC 0 = Bank Select MSB

CC 32 = Bank Select LSB

So for Bank and program change you will see something like B0 00 xx B0 20 yy C0 zz

Where xx is bank MSB, yy is bank LSB and zz is Program number (remember all MIDI values are represented in hex so bank 32 decimal is bank 20 hex).


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