Forum Username Changes

Hi all,
as some of you have noticed and reported, setting your forum username was not always possible, and in many cases, the real name was still exposed in the forum. We have overhauled and simplified the whole username system now.

After a thorough evaluation and internal discussions, we have settled on a “one username” approach. You set your username in the Bome Account:
It’ll let you freely edit your user name, and then it will show how that username is used in the forum (there are a few restrictions, like no spaces, which are replaced with dots).

We have re-created your forum usernames based on these new rules. It should match much better your intended username, but it will have changed slightly from your previous forum username for many of you. I apologize for the inconvenience. But now you can actually set the forum username you like in the Bome Account.

Any comments, problems, kudos, welcome in the discussion topic of this post.

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